NUCLISENS® EASYMAG® is a breakthrough automated platform specifically optimized for total nucleic acid extraction.

  • Leverages bioMérieux expertise of gold standard BOOM technology
  • Generic protocol approach for DNA & RNA extraction
  • Flexible: se a variety of biological sample types and volumes simultaneously
  • Fast: can turnaround as many as 24 extractions in 40 minutes

NUCLISENS® EASYMAG® instrument is designed to meet the most critical needs when it comes to premium quality total nucleic acid extraction. The system automates an enhanced magnetic silica version of BOOM technology, a gold standard for efficient universal extraction of RNA and DNA. Purity and quality are assured with critical safeguards. What’s more, the system offers ease-of use and optimal workflow for enhance productivity.

Better extraction, by design

NUCLISENS® EASYMAG® is an award-winning automated benchtop nucleic acid extraction system that stands out for its versatility and flexibility. Its exceptionally robust design means the entire BOOM® extraction and purification process takes place in a single well and only one aspiration tip is required per sample. This simplified operation dramatically increases the reliability of the procedure.

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For optimal system performance, critical safeguards are incorporated into the easyMAG® process:

  • Monitoring of on-board extraction reagents
  • Sensing of tips and sample vessels
  • Scanning and continuous laser liquid sensing
  • Thorough traceability from start to finish
    • samples
    • process documents


First in BOOM technology

BOOM technology, first patented by bioMérieux, is a gold standard for the universal extraction of RNA and DNA. It’s our in-house expertise of this technology that sets our extraction chemistry apart. Based on the ability of silica to bind DNA and RNA in high salt concentrations, BOOM’s leading performance is recognized in a number of papers and comparative evaluations*.

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*For example, Rutjes et al. showed that with the miniMAG “RNA levels increased at least 100 to 500 times” (Rutjes et al. , AEM,(71), 7, 2005, pp 3734-3740). Tang et al. showed that “miniMAG produced the highest quantity of nucleic acids and the best precision amongst the three systems [tested]”. (Tang et al., JCM, (43), 9, 2005, pp4830-4833).


Productivity perfected

Fits your lab

NUCLISENS® EASYMAG®’s compact, ergonomic design means it easily fits in virtually any lab. On-board reagents and a smart design for disposables help minimize hands-on time and streamline workflow.

Do more – more easily

Speed up your lab operations with NUCLISENS® EASYMAG® innovations:

  • On- and off-board lysis
  • Perform several applications in the same run 
  • Process various sample types and volumes in parallel in one run
  • Fast cycle time: up to 24 extractions in approximately 40 minutes (depending on protocols)

Easy-to-read interface

NUCLISENS® EASYMAG®’s intuitive, icon-based touch screen interface lets lab personnel quickly and easily set up, operate and validate sample runs.

  • Clearly see the status of samples & disposables for visual confirmation before each run
  • Automatic monitoring of buffer volumes
  • Notification when a new reagent bottle is needed


Easily connect to your LIS for automated data transfer with NucliSENtral®.

Smart on disposables

NUCLISENS® EASYMAG®’s smart disposables management minimizes plastics and saves space:

  • Only 2 consumables to load per cycle – less inventory, less waste
  • No need for multiple racks of disposable tips & sample processing plates
  • No cumbersome reagent containers (buffers stable on board for multiple runs)

Workflow at a glance





  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Depth: 650 mm
  • Height: 530 mm


  • 125 kg

System Outputs

  • Outputs volume:
    from 25 to 110 microliters


  • Hands-on time:
    <15 for 24 samples

Throughtput flexibility

  • Lysis on board workflow:
    up to 168 extractions per shift
  • Lysis in tube workflow:
    up to 240 extractions per shift

Turnaround time

  • Lysis on board workflow:
    60 minutes for 24 samples
  • Lysis in tube workflow:
    40 minutes for 24 extractions
  • Internal control:
    Maximum 100 microliters
  • Input volume:
    From 10 to 1000 microliters
  • Barcode reader traceability
  • Same reagents for all protocols


NUCLISENS® EASYMAG® Extraction Buffer 1  ref.280130     4x1l
NUCLISENS® EASYMAG® Extraction Buffer 2  ref.280131     4x1l
NUCLISENS® EASYMAG® Extraction Buffer 3 ref.280132     4x1l
NUCLISENS® EASYMAG® Magnetic Sillica ref.280133     384 extractions
NUCLISENS® EASYMAG® Lysis Buffer(1000ml) ref.280134     4x1l
NUCLISENS® EASYMAG® Disposables ref.280135     384 positions
NUCLISENS® EASYMAG® Instrument starter pack ref.280140




Stationary Sample Approach

  • Entire extraction process takes place in a single well
  • One fixed aspiration tip per sample
  • Greatly reduced potential for sample loss and cross contamination
  • Highly simplified, reliable workflow

Smart Disposable Design

  • Only one set of sample run disposables for 8 samples
  • Vastlyreduced waste and handling
  • Eliminates the need for multiple racks of pipette tips and multi-well processing plates

On-Board Reagents

  • Minimal handling of extraction buffers from run to run
  • augments streamlined workflow
  • Extraction buffers bar-coded with lot#/expiration into for improved traceability
  • 30-day stability on boardthe instrument

Universal Magnetic BOOM Chemistry

  • Total nucleic acid extraction of both RNA and DNA
  • No need for separate types of purification kits enhances simplicity and reduces inventory
  • Enhanced magnetic silica chemistry results in high-quality nucleic acid for various molecular applications


“In our side-by-side comparisons with other automated nucleic acid extraction platforms, the NUCLISENS® EASYMAG® demonstrated better extraction efficiency with higher yields of viral DNA and greater precision as evidenced by lower coefficient of variation values.  In addition, the instrument offered a faster turn-around time of 24 samples in approximately 45 minutes with use of a streamlined off-board lysis workflow.”

Steven B. Kleiboeker, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Viracor-IBT Laboratories,Lee’s Summit, Missouri - USA

“NUCLISENS® EASYMAG® is a platform offering incredible flexibility for virology routine: generic nucleic acid isolation, multiple specimen types, variable input and elution volumes, various downstream applications. A flexible system allowing the laboratory to react promptly to unexpected events, e.g., the pandemic influenza A (H1N1) 2009.”

Dr David Boutolleau, Groupe Hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière et Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6, Paris - France

“We use the NUCLISENS® EASYMAG® system for DNA and RNA extraction in many molecular biology assays, for commercially developed kits as well as for in-house developed reactions. The advantage of this system is that it is useful for extracting RNA and DNA from different clinical specimens, in one run only.”

João Renato Rebello Pinho, Medical Coordinator, Albert Einstein Medicina Diagnóstica, São Paulo - Brazil


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