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Lab Services

Keep your competitive edge with bioMérieux Performance Solutions™ to boost laboratory performance on every level.

  • Optimize lab processes & provide quicker results
  • Improve quality & assure regulatory compliance
  • Motivate personnel & ensure critical skills
  • Maximize instrument uptime & efficiency
  • Integrate the right IT solutions to make your life easier

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, you and your lab deal with higher workloads. On top of that, there are stricter compliance measures and the pressure to keep costs down while maintaining quality and fast time to results. To meet these challenges, you need to optimize lab processes, instrument use and IT integration. Motivating personnel and helping them maximize their skills and competencies is equally critical. For years, bioMérieux’s tradition of innovation has brought you instruments and reagents to help you better meet your needs. Now, we’ve gone a step further, with a range of bioMérieux Performance Solutions that increase laboratory performance on every level to give you that competitive edge.

Workflow Optimization Services

You are challenged to make the most of the laboratory resources you already have. You need to ensure optimal workflow efficiency and high quality results. bioMérieux understands these challenges and brings an expert perspective. Together, we will design a roadmap to optimize your laboratory workflow and efficiency:

  • Streamline processes
  • Increase productivity & improve time to result
  • Reduce costs
  • Reallocate staff to more added value tasks

Training and Education

In the lab, like everywhere, your human resources are your most valuable resources. Yet, laboratory personnel have very particular training needs. Continuing education opportunities relevant to their expertise and interests are critical to staff motivation and retention. This training is also essential to ensuring personnel keep up with fast-changing, sophisticated technology and a constantly changing regulatory environment.That’s why we’ve designed a full range of training programs, including
e-learning, suited to all levels and positions.

Our programs will help you:

  • Boost staff motivation, morale and commitment
  • Improve staff efficiency and performance at the workbench
  • Empower staff to play a larger role in overall lab performance and continuous improvement

Quality & Compliance services

Regulatory compliance, quality control and laboratory safety are essential for assuring quality laboratory services for better health outcomes. But how time-consuming and complex are your instrument validation and monitoring processes? We can help:

Environment Monitoring

We help you design a comprehensive environment monitoring program adapted to you lab’s specific needs:

  • Integrated, real-time wireless monitoring with LABGUARD®
  • Compliance made easy
  • Save time, save money

Validation Services

Our experts offer complete, personalized validation services:

  • Address your immediate validation goals
  • Ensure process that’s easy to maintain
  • Integrate long-term validation leverages

myQC solutions

To help you be compliant with ISO & CAP standard requirements, bioMérieux Performance Solutions offers a complete full range of 

services for immunoassays.

  • Quality Controls (QC) Material (vials)
    • Web application for QC peer-to-peer groups sharing
  • New services dedicated to accreditation & QC analysis


Instrument Services

Instruments are a major investment for your lab and taking care of them is critical. You need maximum instrument uptime to handle heavy workloads and improve ROI. Your staff, clinicians and patients count on you to keep things on track. Fortunately, bioMérieux is here to help with personalized solutions for your instrument support needs:   

  • Anticipate service needs
  • Maximize instrument uptime
  • Deliver results faster
  • Assure quality compliance
  • Maintain cutting-edge technology


IT Solutions

Today, reliable information technology solutions are vital for your lab to deliver added value services. You need to ensure critical information sharing between labs and from lab to clinician, to ultimately provide what’s needed for better patient care decisions. Our select solutions – MYLA® and VILINK™ – will help shape your lab’s performance and simplify your everyday life.

As a solution provider we have designed them with your needs in mind to help you:

  • Enhance inter-lab information systems connectivity
  • Provide increased data and results traceability
  • Transform data into actionable information
  • Reduce the distance between you and bioMérieux 

Why choose bioMérieux Performance Solutions?

A winning combination of science and industry

Our experience in clinical and industrial applications is recognized worldwide. As an industry ourselves we have to: follow strict regulations, streamline processes, improve productivity, keep ahead of technology changes, train and stimulate our teams… What’s more we’ve being doing this for 50 years!

Local proximity, international vision

We offer an international vision combined with local needs to ensure your lab has country-specific and long-term business solutions.

Recognized expertise in customer service

Our Knowledge Centers provide the worldwide, up-to-date knowledge you need. With our extensive network of local subsidiaries and distributors we can send system engineers and application specialists to your lab, wherever you are.
bioMérieux customer service is recognized globally for its high level of professionalism and quality, with a common goal: maximize instrument uptime and productivity, while supporting lab professionals in achieving their goals.

Strengthening our Commitment

bioMérieux is committed to helping lab professionals navigate in an increasingly changing environment and remain at the forefront of technological advances.

As your partner of choice, through our industrial and scientific expertise, we aim to ensure laboratories have the in-house expertise to increase efficiency and productivity while remaining in line with regulatory requirements.

Pioneering diagnostics