Mycobacterium avium ssp paratuberculosis (MAP) is the etiological agent of Johne’s disease, a granulomatous enteritis that can affect cattle, sheep and goats and other non-ruminant wildlife species. Numerous countries have set up programs to control this major digestive disease but with different levels of success. Heterogeneity of fecal samples, low shedders and PCR inhibitions are the main issues for a trustable direct detection of paratuberculosis infected animals.

Diagnostic of Paratuberculosis

Adapt your protocol to the epidemiological situation

thanks to ADIAVET® PCR kit, real time PCR kit for veterinary diagnostic


In order to improve detection of weak positive animals and to help with global management of paratuberculosis disease at a herd level,
several protocols have been validated with the new ADIAVETTM Real Time PCR kit :

  • The kit gives the possibility to make an analysis on 6g to 10g of samples : a larger amount of sample leads to be more representative of the original feaces and so allows to detect positive animals with a better reproducibility.

  • An optional step of concentration of MAP* with Adiafilter is also available. This original tool allows to detect very low shedders, to make pool of samples and to work on environmental samples. It can help for a better management of paratuberculosis according to the epidemiological situation and the prevalence at the farm level.

In parallel of these protocol optimizations, ADIAVETTM Real Time PCR kit has been also improved to increase robustness against PCR inhibitors and it can also be used for detection of MAP* in dairy products thanks to AdiapureTM milk sample preparation kit.

bioMérieux will attend the next ICP congress, International colloquium on Paratuberculosis, taking place in Parma, Italy, from June 22 to 26, 2014.
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*MAP: Mycobacterium avium ssp paratuberculosis

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