• Conventional Culture Media

Conventional Culture Media

A full range of culture media products

Put your confidence in bioMérieux, a recognized leader with expertise in culture media that extends back more than half a century.

  • Over 200 conventional culture media products available
  • Flexible and suitable for various lab situations
  • Quality control and compatibility with other bioMérieux products assured

Quality through experience

As a pioneer and world leader in in vitro diagnostics, bioMérieux’s long experience ensures quality. Committed to R&D and innovation, we provide laboratories with integrated solutions from specimen collection to result print-outs.

We also put a focus on safety, environmental responsibility and conformity with current regulations.



bioMérieux’s Culture media Integrated solutions

  • Products and services developed with your microbiology lab needs in mind
  • Broad range of products: over 200 references in conventional culture media alone
  • Some conventional media products available in different formats (as bi-plate agar, dehydrated/tube and bottle media)
  • Integration with Full Microbiology Laboratory Automation (FMLA®)
  • Quality and safety assured with strict Quality Control Procedures

Flexible to suit any lab

Every microbiology laboratory around the world operates in a unique context and framework – in terms, for example, of country, lab size, setup and resources, and focus of testing. We are committed to flexibly meeting the needs of any lab with our extensive range of high quality, cost-effective culture media. You obtain easy-to-read, rapid results, whatever the quantity and type of microorganism in the specimen. With eight production sites around the world, we deliver standardized products worldwide while being able to address more local and specific requirements. Some of our media can even be stored at room temperature to simplify your daily routine. Our goal is to ensure you have exactly the media you need, when you need them.


Quality Control & traceability

bioMérieux ensures the highest standards for reproducible, quality products with easy traceability. What’s more, we make sure supporting information is easy for you to access so you can meet your daily quality requirements.

  • Guaranteed compliant with current regulatory directives for medical devices for in vitro diagnostic use
  • Quality Control Certificates available for every lot
  • Global Quality Management System Manual
  • Strict levels of safety and security
  • Traceability standards assured
  • Reproducibility of product performance ensured
  • Clear kit labelling and performance details on package inserts
  • Tested shelf life and temperature storage
  • Non-hazardous Product Statement
  • Thermal Shock Statement
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging
  • Online documentation: Technical Library

Certificate of Compatibility

A validated Certificate of Compatibility is available for every culture media product in order to clearly demonstrate the medium’s compatibility with complementary instruments and reagents. You can easily ensure compatibility and reduce the number of validations you have to perform.

  • Compatibility is clear and easy to ensure
  • More easily meet accreditation requirements
  • Certificates of Compatibility available in our Technical Library




Conventional Culture Media technical specifications and reference numbers
Granada Agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/55-granada-agar
Granada Biphasic broth http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/58-granada-biphasic-broth
Columbia CAN + 5% sheep blood http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/32-columbia-cna-agar-+-5-...
Columbia + 5% sheep blood http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/30-columbia-agar-+-5-perc...
Columbia + 5% horse blood http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/29-columbia-agar-+-5-perc...
Granada agar / Columbia CNA +5% sheep blood http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/25-granada-agar---columbi...
Chocolate agar PolyViteX™ http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/27-chocolate-agar-polyvitex
Chocolate agar PolyViteX VCAT3 http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/50-chocolate-agar-polyvit...
Haemophilus Chocolate 2 agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/37-haemophilus-chocolate-...
BLSE agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/22-blse-agar
Legionella GVPC agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/62-legionella-gvpc-agar
Sabouraud Gentamicin Chloramphenicol 2 http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/46-sabouraud-gentamicin-c...
Campylosel agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/19-campylosel-agar
A7 Mycoplasma agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/63-a7-mycoplasma-agar
BCSA agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/18-bcsa-agar
Cetrimide agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/26-cetrimide-agar
D-Coccosel agar (DCO) http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/33-d-coccosel-agar
Gardnerella agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/36-gardnerella-agar
Yersinia CIN agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/51-yersinia-cin-agar
Clostridium difficile agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/53-clostridium-difficile-...
Pylori agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/61-pylori-agar
Schaedler agar + 5 % sheep blood http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/47-schaedler-agar-+5-perc...
BCP agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/17-bcp-agar
Eosin-methylene blue agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/35-eosin-methylene-blue-agar
MacConkey agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/39-mac-conkey-agar
Drigalski agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/34-drigalski-agar
SS agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/48-ss-agar
Hektoen agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/38-hektoen-agar
CLED agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/28-cled-agar
Trypcase Soy agar + 5% sheep blood agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/49-trypcase-soy-agar-+-5-...
Mannitol Salt 2 agar http://www.biomerieux-culturemedia.com/product/40-mannitol-salt-2-agar

Consult your local bioMérieux representative for any media that are not listed here or to find out product availability in your country.

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